The profession of Sexological Bodywork uses a combination of somatic sex coaching, bodywork and education. Its centred around teaching skills and techniques so the client can empower and direct their erotic development. It is an experiential process of learning through and listening to your own body, to access deeper states of arousal and pleasure, or to work through sexual issues.

It was created in 2003 by Joseph Kramer Ph.D after 20 years of study and research into erotic bodywork to set a high professional standard for sex education and coaching. After all we have life coaches, business coaches, fitness coaches, but nowhere to go and learn about our own sexual expression, pleasure and desires and develop our capacity to experience it in life.

Sexological bodywork has a strict code of ethics and is client led and client centred in its approach. It is a worldwide profession taught in over 7 countries with a number of regulating organisations. I am a member and insured by the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists ASIS.

Somatic Sex Coaching

Sexological bodywork is focused on learning through the body. Feeling and acknowledging body sensations and exploring what they mean to you is a foundation of sex coaching. Guiding you to feel the variety of sensations in your body around the sexual or erotic aim that you have, and bringing awareness and clarity to this process can create the personal empowerment, learning and transformation of your erotic experience.

Coaching also involves learning a variety of techniques and very importantly practising them! You will be given homework (Pleasure work) in your session, the body and nervous system learns through practice and repetition, to gain the most out of sessions its important that you engage in your learning at home. Luckily as the name implies pleasure work is either pleasurable or has an aim of becoming pleasurable over a period of practice and time.


We can all learn more about sex, especially our own unique expression of desire and arousal. In sexological bodywork, education focuses on learning about your own anatomy and physiology. Everyone’s genitals and body are different and unique. We aim to create a positive learning experience for you to explore what you have, how it feels and the pleasure and potential of pleasure that it has.

Learning can also focus on how we engage intimately, We might look at what dynamics are happening in your connections. what can you learn and experience if you have more awareness and choice over your dynamics. What happens if we choose to change, adapt or surrender more fully into those dynamics.


Sexological Bodyworkers are trained to incorporate bodywork, including geniatal and anal bodywork into sessions. This can assist  in bringing awareness to desensitised areas of the body, overcoming sexual issues, scar healing and developing your understanding of your erotic pleasure. Genital bodywork is not suitable for all clients and sessions don't need to include this aspect to be effective. Time is taken to ensure your boundaries and consent are clear before any bodywork happens. If your intention is to receive genital bodywork a minimum of 2 sessions is required as the first session is focussed on developing your consent and boundaries. 

Touch is only used with a clear objective of learning and although arousal or pleasure may or may not be present this is not an 'erotic service' to full fill desire. It's best to view it as a educational or transformational journey to discover, explore and empower your sexual experience.

We work under strict ethical guidelines, some of which are outlined here:

  • Touch is one way, practitioner to client.

  • The practitioner is clothed at all times.

  • Genital based touch is with non latex gloves. 

  • Non toxic water based lubricant or coconut oil is used.

  • Clients consent and boundaries are engaged at every stage of the process.

  • Touch does not full fill the need for sexual intimacy or habitual sexual patterns.

A link to the full code of ethics is here. 


Working with Trauma

Sexual trauma is endemic in our society and Sexological Bodywork can be appropriate at  certain stages to help transform and integrate various experiences to gain empowerment in life. Sexological Bodywork is not a talking therapy, and you will never be asked to talk about or elaborate on experiences. It can be important to have a therapeutic support network or to have engaged in counselling or therapeutic modalities to provide a framework for exploring this area and I am happy to liaise and work alongside other therapeutic professionals.

I have undertaken training specifically focusing on working with sexual trauma with Katie Sarra and Caffyn Jesse. I am influenced by the work of Bessel Van Der Kolk and Peter Levine and the neurological research undertaken specific to trauma. I don't claim to be an expert in this field, but I aim to provide a safe space with a focus on your boundary's consent and empowerment.