What Happens During A Session

Initial Contact

After initial contact, we book in a free 30 minute phone chat and you can also give me more information via a questionnaire. If we both agree to work together we will book in a session time and take a deposit .


All sessions are charged at £80/hour.

Session Structure

Sessions range from 2 hours to 3 hours.  The first session is 2 hours and we can discuss the time requirements for future sessions then. All sessions have a similar structure.

  • An initial chat to explore your reason for coming
  • Embodiment processes to access your somatic, body felt experience
  • Discussion and agreement on what structures the session will involve
  • Clarification of boundaries and consent
  • Engaging in the structure focused towards your desired learning
  • Integration, reflection and agreeing home learning structures
  • 2 weeks email support to guide your homework/pleasure work practice

People can benefit from any number of sessions. 1 session will give you skills to develop and practice as homework, 3-5 sessions are recommended for exploring an area of learning, or issue you wish to overcome. A minimum of 2 sessions are required if you wish to receive bodywork as consent and boundaries are explored in depth in the first session.

Pleasure work / Homework

In a similar way to other coaching methods, you will be given structures to practice after a session. This helps embody what was learnt and gives the greatest potential for transformation. A fitness coach expects you to exercise, a business coach expects you to make the changes discussed. With sex coaching you need to practice to have any long term transformation from sessions. I use the term 'pleasure work' as the focus is on enjoying the process rather than the chore of doing homework that maybe people have from there education! Of course pleasure work is not compulsory but it is essential to get the most out of sessions.

I provide 2 weeks email support after a session to help guide and motivate your pleasure work journey. Its easy to get distracted from engaging with pleasure work as shame and other emotional conditioning can easily get activated. recognising where we get distracted and committing to engaging with your pleasure work is essential to expanding erotic experience.

First Session

In the first session we go in depth into your reasons for coming and your desired outcome. And we will discuss a realistic approach and time frame  to achieving this. We go in depth into foundational exercises, including exploring your consent and boundaries in a somatic body focused way, breath work and embodiment techniques. Learning and developing these skills is essential for future sessions, and amazing for life in general. There is no genital touch in the first session.

Individual session for men and women

I work with people of all genders, sexual identities and relationship status in a non judgemental way with a focus on your learning. Individual one on one sessions are a profound way to deeply learn and engage with your own process of discovery and development.


I offer sessions to couples to help explore and develop your sexual and arousal experience both in partnership engagement and your own personal erotic journey. I offer a non judgemental and safe space to explore your dynamics and develop pleasure. However I am not a relationship councillor and sessions aren't aimed at exploring and resolving relationship issues.

Online Sessions

I offer online sessions via Skype or Zoom.  This is a great way of having sessions when direct bodywork is not involved and can help with continuity of sessions in a busy life schedule. Most of the techniques and modalities we use can be taught and engaged with online. This can also be a great way for couples to learn and practice techniques in private while still having a guided session.