I'm a nature lover, musician, dancer, permaculturist, lover of the wild and untamed parts of nature and passionate about the ecology of our planet. I have been in acupuncture practice for 10 years and currently work at Source Point  community acupuncture clinic in Moretonhampstead, Devon. I originally trained at the Northern College of Acupuncture. I have worked in private practice and was also a founder of the multibed clinic The Acupuncture Works in Manchester.

I believe that a disconnect from our erotic and passionate selves disconnects us from nature and the earth and is a large part of the environmental problem we face on the the planet. Reclaiming and connecting our erotic passion and emotions so we can lead more fulfilled and connected lives both for ourselves the earth and future generations is the broader focus of my work.

I have practised and studied Tantra, Taoist and other erotic practices for over 19 years along side other personal growth modalities including acupuncture, shiatsu, breath work, therapy and meditation. I have had an interest in spiritual and esoteric sexual practices from a young age, partly as a way of educating myself about sex and also to overcome sexual issues. Over the years I have found them very empowering and have had the desire to help others in this area. But I never found a system that I was fully happy with.

This changed when I found the the field of Somatic education. Here was a way to empower, learn and change ourselves rather than relying on another person (the teacher, practitioner, healer, guru etc) to do it for us. For me this is where true transformation takes place, where we can feel our body reaction in real time and learn to take empowered action ourselves to change our experience. Finding the Sexological bodywork modality was a breath of fresh air. With its focus on somatic education, learning and being client centred, it met the criteria I was looking for in a modality.